Georges Perec explored the postcard as literary form in a two-hundred-and forty-three-part sequence. Matt Fallaize, a modest man, restricts himself to ninety-nine. Perec’s postcards describe catching a tan at the Hotel Alcazar. Fallaize’s offer greeting from Southport. Both sets of postcards, however, carry the same message: that life is what is front of us and minutiae matter. Perec said he adopted literary constraints in order, paradoxically, to be more free. Fallaize’s formal flights take us from the great wall of China to Ormskirk via the M6. Elliptically lucid, dolefully funny, 99 Postcards for Georges Perec is the signed, sealed and delivered trip of a lifetime.


–Tom Jenks


'99 Postcards For Georges Perec' by Matt Fallaize' (30 pages)



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