'adDictionary' by Leanne Bridgewater

About the Project


We have raised £1,050 towards the costs of preparing Leanne’s 998 page manuscript for publication. This money will cover typesetting, book design, and the cost of uploading the files for printing. 


Those that were generous enough to contribute to the funding appeal will receive a 50% discount code, which they can use for the purchase of this title from this website. To qualify for this discount customers must be residents of the UK, or any other non EU country (we are currently unable to ship to the EU). The RRP of this book is estimated to be between £30 and £35.  

A crowd funding appeal on behalf of The Knives Forks and Spoons press by Scott Thurston



In 2013, the poet, artist, and animal-rights activist Leanne Bridgewater (1989-2019) undertook the mammoth task of compiling a personal dictionary (of 12,000 words) to find a new way of sharing her unique and critically engaged view of the world, culture and history. The adDictionary, as it became known, sums up the essence of Leanne’s enquiry in its very title: conveying the extent to which the dictionary was not simply about creating new definitions for existing words but also to create new words, often by colliding familiar ones together to form surprising and inventive coinages, for instance, abacsoma – a counted body; paralist – to make a mental list; ubi tubi – to be lost on the underground. Fascinated by dictionaries from a very early age, Leanne was driven by a utopian impulse – held in common with other historically unacknowledged legislators of the word – that is, if things could somehow be named in the right way, injustice, inequality and oppression could be made to vanish overnight as they become suddenly and irrevocably unthinkable because unsayable. As Leanne writes in her Introduction to the adDictionary (subtitled ‘of experimental language’):


In today’s world, we have achieved interaction with words so much that we believe we are superior to animals who do not speak. Language was around before the word; in the spirit of sounds, visuals, gestures and movement. With this dictionary I aim to encourage people to create new paths, new insights, to discover unknown places inside of themselves.


During her time as a Masters student at the University of Salford, Leanne undertook an internship at the then nascent small press publisher, The Knives Forks and Spoons Press (KFS), who later became publisher of her first full-length collection Confessions of a Cyclist (2016). Leanne later submitted adDictionary to the press, but, clocking in at nearly 1000 pages, it was not a workable proposition for the press at that point. Now, in accordance with Leanne’s original wish, and with the support of her family, KFS now seeks your support to fund the publication of this joyful, irreverent and liberatory work.