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‘In Adverse Camber Simon Rennie gives us fragments of wisdom and kindness, delivered with graceful phrase-making and an undertow of humour. From the outset he celebrates the imagination with precision – looking into deep space he finds ‘world-mocking worlds’ which perfectly renders a new kind of humorous infinity. He hears the screech of the survival instinct in a jet-fighter flypast, and brings sacred feelings to the detritus of a night out in the city. Plants abandoned in a greenhouse are ‘Waterless, bolting, panicked’, a perfectly vigorous description that encapsulates the energy in this life-affirming collection.’


    – Sam North


‘These are poems that listen intensely to language and the world.  They attempt to speak the unsaid, and look intently into absences and ‘ancestral vacuums’.  Here are poems about old clothes, skirting boards, parenthood and drinking. What they find in their subjects is often unsettling, disturbing the movement of poems haunted by a deep knowledge of the poetic tradition. They are not afraid of big ideas or a richness of language, but they counterpoint moments of careful excess with poems of a compelling simplicity that rings true even as it questions its own production of truth.’


    – John Wedgewood Clarke

'Adverse Camber' by Simon Rennie


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