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EACHWHAT: Vol. 1 is a lively collection of visual whats that each. ‘To each’ is a verb that refers to an act that distinguishes this from many thats. Or a that from many thises. A wide range of strategies is used here – collage, drawing, photographs, painting as well as digital manipulations. The means are open-ended and unconstricted, intended to wake up us readers and keep us awake.


    – Rosaire Appel



Despite its leftist stance, EACHWHAT: Vol. 1 proffers no monochrome melancholy corresponding with this beleagured moment. Its crude flashes sear the iris and render recognisable the non-arbitrariness of the stream of images you saw today online, on signs. Despite its asemic and arhythmic visuality, these pages bang semantic bin lids on quasi-utopian semiotic pavements with titles like ‘be a potential parasite in the clean capitalist body’ and ’official secrecy is the occult reality’ and ‘their happy threats rust’. Hear here.


    – Kimberly Campanello



In EACHWHAT: Vol. 1 we have a book here of brutish chaos love signs bursting open on natural pages, and philosophic mashed up post-asemic words popping in and out of existence. EACHWHAT: Vol. 1 takes chances and risks and they pay off. Some pages seem to have been written by a ghost scribe, whose death of meaning timely itches and scratches the broken flesh off its damaged communication. Hawkins, who is a true language architect of ruins, deals out graphic skyscraper shards of expression. In EACHWHAT: Vol. 1 real inspired dream typography lays into brilliant color and fiery slashed tones. We are gifted a scripted sacrifice of word scars and blur slurs. We are also caught and then brought back into focus by the sheer creative energy. In Toriot, which is a large section towards the end of the book, we are gifted with a retro movie poster vibe, of a film only dreamed for the page, and carved with a hand scribed font. instinct runs through the forest of language in EACHWHAT : Vol. 1 on and on and on until the reader has received the knowledge that writing is truly alive.


    – Michael Jacobson


'Eachwhat: Volume 1' by Paul Hawkins (60 pages)


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