A toy machine gun that belongs to Nice Adam up the road. That gun gets first prize. Shiny colours, painted onto tin like a clockwork Christmas decoration. Own a machine gun, you own the world.”


An English boy finds himself caught in a civil war in the 1960s-70s, in Northern Ireland. He doesn’t understand what’s going on, doesn’t see the difference between the sides and most of all doesn’t want his dad to die.


But this isn’t just one story, it’s many stories. Woven around him are other people’s testimonies, stories of those who were also children at the time. And here too are the wounded warriors: ex-soldiers and ex-paramilitaries.


Different lives co-exist, contradict, make their myths together, all in the eye of a sniper with a toy gun.


Eamonn Baker, peace worker: "This juxtaposition of autobiographical and transcribed audio, this interweaving working its spell… off-kilter cruelty and a grim comic edge... A child at the mercy of this merciless adult world."



'Himself in Exile' by Philip Davenport



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