‘In the aftermath of Grenfell Tower and housing shortages his is a voice not to be ignored.’


    — Ian Brinton, Tears In The Fence


‘Subversive punning at its very best. I think we’re going to hear more from Mr Gresswell and the sooner the better as far as I’m concerned.’


    — Steve Spence, Litter


Clive Gresswell’s poetry might initially appear as postmodern collage, but it isn’t. The thirty-years journalist creates a quickfire newsfeed, local to international, but as the events of twenty-first century history enter your brain, something else is happening. Gresswell is playing, and he’s playing serious politics: ‘news waves regurgitate/the slowly sinking mailbags/stuffed with late capital corpses.’ [ ... ] Faced with these poems, we are that other, and we are respected. 


    —Keith Jebb


'Rages of the Carbolic' by Clive Gresswell (64 pages)



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