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David Miller's work is consistently surprising in its seemingly effortless ability to combine the abstract and philosophical with closely-focussed details and the specifics of the confused and confusing lives we lead. He is one of the few writers I know who can navigate the spiritual, everyday obsessions and asides, along with the confessional in this manner, luring us in with godly absence and literary echoes. It is astonishing and accomplished writing.


- Rupert Loydell


Pure and beautiful poetry! 


- Liliane Lijn


The poems in Some Other Shadows are deceptively simple. Repetitions and inversions tie the poems together, but they also point up paradox, and the way words wobble in their meanings, especially as we approach the spiritual and moral dimensions of language. And then there are those incremental shifts along the way, time and reading meaning we can't turn back. David Miller is an honest and skilful poet, one of our best. 


- Keith Jebb


Some Other Shadows is a mysterious, compelling work, like a nightwalk through a city filled with unforgettable architecture. Miller takes us to the 'strange places' where the music of language swirls over our heads, asking to be breathed-in and re-spoken. In tightly-woven syllabics Miller pulls us into a world where poets and musicians give voice to the in-between places - and nothing is as it first seems. 


- Chris McCabe

'Some Other Shadows' by David Miller (114 pages)


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