In The Geometric Kingdom Rupert Loydell and Maria Stadnicka write about loss, grief and mourning and explore how memory, faith and ritual facilitate ongoing relationships between the living and the dead. 


‘Loydell is mining themes that resonate with our times, leading to collaborations with a talented array of fellow poets, allowing for a synergistic pulse of varied views. He and his fellow travelers ask difficult questions and offer open-ended answers through the time-tested holy triad of ethos, logos, and pathos.’


    – Joey Madia, X-Peri


‘Stadnicka’s poetics is one of craftmanship, wherein she carefully walks the tightrope of surreal poetic metaphor and the gritty realism of investigative journalism and broadcasting. Drawing on her experiences in both, Stadnicka’s writing culminates into a distinctly inventive literary landscape.’


    – Bryony Hughes, Stride


'The Geometric Kingdom' by Rupert Loydell and Maria Stadnicka (54 pages)