These collaborative sequences were written during the winter months 2015-18. The poets’ journeys took them from Hove via Paris to Istanbul, on to Baghdad then across the Steppes and along the Silk Road. They nearly reached the North Pole before landing on the Moon. Returning to England they recorded its savage devastation. Our bedraggled pair were rescued only by discovering in their battered rucksacks a formal austerity as regular and elliptical as the world itself, selflessly announced to the innocent reader with each desperate but conclusive breath.


Previous Halsey/Corcoran collaborations include Your Thinking Tracts or Nations (West House 2001) and A Horse That Runs: To & Fro with Wallace Stevens (Constitutional Information 2015).

'Winterreisen' by Alan Halsey & Kelvin Corcoran (82 pages, 9 images)



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