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Whatever else we are, we are, in our bodily make-up, animals.' How does such a realisation affect our day-to-day, hurrying consciousness and how we perceive the realities around us, including the signs and language that we use? How do we read our spiritual co-existence with the animals which surround us in urban and rural settings?


Wonder-rig is a conductor for unpredictable energies, a ground-breaking eco-poetic and pictorial exploration of these lived realities, a fascinating and probing collaboration between three artists: Welsh poet, Lee Duggan who writes of 'this oeuvre of the body' and 'green /wonder', Nigel Bird, whose stunning visuals opening through the book derive from the overwhelming sonics of a starling murmuration and David Annwn, an Anglo-Welsh poet, whose meditation on human depictions of nature start with a childhood book of heraldry and wonder after the secrets of tiger-worms. On the journey we also meet Shakespeare, 'greenwashing' councillors, folk ballads, Welsh sayings and Lee Harwood in a tiger costume.


'Wonder-Rig', by Lee Duggan, Nigel Bird & David Annwn (72 pages)


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